Classic Long Haired Holiday Hero

When I was younger I had the biggest crush on Jon Bon Jovi. Something about those warm eyes, bad boy grin, and soulful voice spoke to me. So, of course, when he’s asking me to “please come home for Christmas” (because I refuse to believe he could possibly be singing to Cindy Crawford), I simply wanted to make it happen.

To this day I have a soft spot for guys with long hairs, twinkling eyes, bad boy grins, and tattoos. What did you have a weak spot for when you were younger? Does it still hold any power over you?

10 thoughts on “Classic Long Haired Holiday Hero

  1. Michelle @MsRomanticReads says:

    While I can get on board the Bon Jovi train, I had a crush on the long haired, metal rockers back in the day. They weren’t the bad boy types, though. Do you remember Europe? I had the biggest crush on the lead singer. But I also crushed hard on 80s boy band types like Goss. I went so far as to join their fanclubs. Back then you had to mail in your application. Gosh, I feel really old now, lol.


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