Family Time

Well, my sister and her husband are in town and staying with us. They arrived on Halloween evening and go back to Chicago on Monday. So far our time has been spent catching up, walking our dogs and enjoying our pool (we heated it for their time here).

While they’re here, my sister is also doing her schoolwork for her classes she’s taking online. Her nursing one is work…but she’s also taking a Diversity class that we’re both finding very interesting. I remember taking a workshop at my prior job about leading diverse teams. This takes it a step further. I think tomorrow I’ll be posting some of the intriguing questions that have come up.

Tonight we spent our evening playing Apples To Apples…a very fun game. Have you guys ever heard of it? Basically each person takes a turn as the reader. The reader reads off a specific word and definition. Everyone else has 7 cards that have words that could be used as an explanation or example to represent the reader’s word. Once all the cards are selected each person gets an opportunity to argue their case to the reader. The reader picks which word he thinks best represents the definition. It’s freaking hilarious! What games do you guys enjoy playing with friends? Do you guys play board games?

Tomorrow we go to a cousin’s birthday party. The next day is our family’s early Thanksgiving since my sis and her hubby won’t be here. We’re gonna head to mom’s to chow down! My hubby will be making a gluten free chocolate pecan pie. I’ll probably be making a carrot cake. Step dad will be deep frying a turkey.

What foods do you look forward to for Thanksgiving?

27 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. lenwilliamscarver says:

    Oh Kitt you don’t even want to be around when my sisters and I get into a Scrabble game we are vicious I tell you but oh what fun we have. The apples to apples game sounds like great fun and think I would like to know more about it.


  2. Katie says:

    I love Apples to Apples, especially when the Helen Keller card comes up. I’m also a big fan of Scattergories. You have to roll a dice (di?) with every letter of the alphabet on it, and whatever it lands on you have to fill out this list as completely as you can, and if you get the same answer for one category as someone else you have to scratch it off. …It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds right now as I’m describing it.


    • Marie says:

      Katie, have you heard of Scattegories Categories? It’s another way to play. I saw the box when I went to Vermont for the day, thought I’d get it back home, but apparently don’t have it in Quebec (hmmm). I’ll need to go back to Vermont to get it.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Oh, I’m very familiar with Scattergories, Katie! I love that game! We bought the electronic version so that you tap the die and it picks your letter. 😉 I also find Balderdash (the liars game) to be tons of fun. They give you an obscure word. You read it out. If you’re the reader you also write down the real definition. Everyone else makes up a definition. If you actually know the real definition you get 1 point or choose it you get 2 points. If people vote for your definition as the true definition, you also gets point.


  3. Marie says:

    Oh yeah! My boyfriend and I play Scrabble all the time. He’s terrible at spelling, but knows the best spot to put tiles for maximum points. Somehow he always beats me by a few points….so annoying!


  4. Jane Sadek says:

    Love board games! Especially Trivial Pursuit. We’ve played a game for years that sounds sort of like your Apples to Apples, but all you need is a dictionary. Somebody reads a word out of the dictionary and then gives a definition. It could be the definition in the dictionary or it could be one they made up. The other players’ job is to confirm that it’s the right definition or not.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      That sounds like Balderdash. In Apples To Apples you have 7 different words or phrases in your hand. When the reader says the word and it’s definition you have to choose one of the seven words in your hand that best match or describe the word read.


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