Passion Energizes and Why I’m Thankful

Last night I planned on getting into my hotel room and writing a quick blog before crashing face first into my bed. Planned. Well, we all know what they say about the best laid plans… (Silly side note…why is it that all the best lays are reserved for plans?) What actually happened? After a workday that started around 10am, I left the store around 11:40 pm. I immediately changed into comfy clothes…aka Pj’s…and flipped my iPad open. I woke up at around 7 am, hand dangling over my king sized bed…tablet still open, relaxing on the floor. It had fallen out of my hands! Keep in mind, I baby my electronic with as much love as I show my doggies…who I’m missing (along with the hubs). That should give you an idea of how utterly exhausted I was.


That’s my baby pup sleeping!

The thing is, I should feel exhausted. Drained! But I don’t. Instead, I’m exhilarated! I’m on a new adventure. I’m using some of the most powerful leadership tools in my arsenal…and I’m loving every minute of it. Things have certainly not been easy. We had our final inspection yesterday. We passed. We called our entire staff in to help us clean and organize. They all showed up…initially uncertain, but there. But enthusiasm is catching…so I shared mine. In under five minutes everyone was talking, cleaning, folding and organizing new merchandise and the place was filled with smiles and laughter. I was able to set expectations, give tips and pointers, begin the initial process of building a team. There is nothing quite so energizing as being able to start learning your staff…their strengths and weaknesses, then teaching them how to use them in a way that guarantees their success. We will be grand opening a Cowboys merchandise store in El Paso on Thanksgiving night/Black Friday!

I’m not going to lie…I wound up steamrolling the guy who is supposed to be the manager running this place. If he’s smart, he’s learning a few things about leadership, setting the tone, expectations and how to motivate, energize and train. If he’s smart. My only concern is that I enable my very good friend who has entrusted me with her brand new store…to get off on the right foot. It is my job to ensure her success. And they can either get with the program or get out of my way! 🙂

Today I am thankful for the beautiful mountain view outside my hotel room window…(will take some pics and post when I have time) El Paso is gorgeous and the people have been welcoming. I’m thankful for you guys…because your warm acceptance, kind words and crazy humor have really been a huge source of enjoyment these last few months. I’m thankful for my handsome, loving man who supports everything I do, including a nearly month long trip to be here, using another of my passions. I’m thankful for the gifts and talents God has given me. I’m thankful for my family’s unwavering love and belief. The beautiful friends (and cyber friends) that I’ve accumulated. I’m also thankful for the songs in my heart and the smiles on my face.

I’m also thankful for all the many firsts I’ve experienced this year that have enabled me to be exactly where I am today. Yes, that includes first time being fired. 🙂

What about you guys? What are your biggest strengths? What are you passionate about? What are you thankful for?

And here’s a little writer humor for ya’ll…



12 thoughts on “Passion Energizes and Why I’m Thankful

  1. viveka says:

    I totally agree with you that starting something you is something that really makes you feel high – it’s the change and it’s the challenge .. the adrenaline is pumping through the body and as you say creates energy. I loved it when I was working … new rebuilds .. new menus .. new concepts.
    Good luck to you.

    Can understand you miss your babies – they are in good


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      You know what’s strange? The realization that not everyone is passionate like that. Many are very comfortable in the worlds of moderate and mediocre. Me? If it doesn’t flush passion through my veins…it’s probably not worth doing. 🙂


      • viveka says:

        You are still young and hungry – I was hungry until I was 61 – and decided to all time to myself, but I was afraid to retire, because I’m a lazy person and I need a challenge in my every day. Thought that I would become senile in a couple of years and get bored to death, but I really enjoy it .. doing things that I never had time for .. don’t miss the job at all, but I miss the people and the everyday social connection at times. I was just like you – the more I had to do .. the more alter I was and more did I got done. It’s good for you – and so long as you love it .. is there no danger for your body or mind.


        • Kitt Crescendo says:

          Ah, see, that’s the beauty of what I am doing now. This is a freelance gig. A favor for a friend. I wouldn’t go back to the traditional work force if I don’t have to. Now I strictly follow my bliss…which brought my back into the loving arms of writing and story telling. 🙂


          • viveka says:

            Lucky you … I always dreamed about freelance jobs too – but was too busy at the position I was in and I had the best employee in the world, where ever they sent me around the world, could I do things like it had been my own little business, plus the pay was very good – so I stayed with them for nearly 35 years.
            Congratulation to your choices in life and I love about people that are happy in their lives and with their choices.


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