Pre-Valentine’s Day Preparedness

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or an “old married couple” there’s something about the Hearts and Flowers holiday that brings out the need to love and be loved.

As it turns out, I’ve got some people who just might be able to help with that!

First, we have my dear friends at Go Deeper Press, Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, hosting a 3 day event for FREE called The Mermaid Voyage. This is all about erotic self discovery. These lovely women are in touch with their sensual sides and are offering their assistance to help YOU get in touch with YOURS!

Next, here’s some help from Love Experts, Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird for those of you who feel like you’re in a sexual “rut” with your partner. Nothing like a little Role Play (and the right rules) to help bring back the spice. These guys are fantastic.

Then there’s my dear friend, August McLaughlin and her GirlBoner radio (available to view FREE HERE on iTunes). She’s all about frank, honest talk about the joy and beauty of human sexuality. I love her Sex Positive outlook on the world (which is actually probably one of the first bonds we shared). Care to know more about what it means to be Sex Positive? Read this post…I felt pretty awesome that she enjoyed my first book enough to mention it as part of this post. What an honor!

Finally, for those couples looking for something more “obscure” to spice things up….Here’s a post from one of my buddies, Anna Cade, of Herding Cats and Burning Soup that lists some of the more unique toys…including a “fleshlight.”

Now it’s your turn. Have you recently found a post that you think needs to be shared in preparation for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Valentine’s day hater? Do you have some great/funny opposing views to share?

Four One Night WEBSITE USE

My contribution to Valentine’s Day this year is my newest release, Four One Night. Did you miss the excerpt I shared on Emma and Loni’s pages a couple posts ago? Here it is, one more time, just for you guys.


I nodded my head, an idea taking hold in my mind. “You know, I decided I needed to blow off some steam about three hours ago. You’re coming with me. You need it even more than I do. We’ll call it medicinal.”

“That sounds exactly like the kind of distraction I need,” she said, a smile flitting across her face.

“Good. Because it’s too freaking cold to be standing around. My nipples are pointing all over the place for all the wrong reasons!” We hustled to my car, heels clicking a rapid staccato against the asphalt. “All this pent up energy has me in the mood to play. It’s time to call in reinforcements.”

“Ooh!” She looked at me over the hood, her baby blues full of mischief. “That means Michael’s coming. Think he can handle both of us?”

“We’re about to find out! If not, there’s always you and me.” I laughed and yanked my phone out of my purse pocket.

“Danielle Monroe! You are such a tease.” She tossed her dark gold curls over her shoulder.

“Am I? You’ve never seen my bad girl side.” My eyebrow raised, daring her to take me up on the offer.

“Now that sounds promising.” She said, batting her eyes in the worst parody of exaggerated flirtation I’d seen in a while.

Shaking my head and smiling at our antics, I dialed Michael. With the receiver to my ear, the muted strains of “My Cherie Amour” floated through instead of a ring. The frigid air whipped through the thin cotton of my shirt causing a shudder to ripple through my curvy frame. I grabbed for my key fob and quickly pressed the unlock button.

“Hey babe,” his dark, raspy voice came on the line. “What’s up?”

“Well, that all depends on you,” I purred as my hands motioned Candace to get in the car. “Work was nuts and Candace and I need to blow off some steam. We’re headed over to Club Heat for ladies night. Will you join us or do we need to find some other sexy men to play with?”

“Ooh, someone’s feeling feisty.” I could practically see his smile through the rumble in his voice. “I love it when Miss Dani comes out to play.”

“Then you’re gonna love me tonight.” Grabbing the handle, I tugged my door open. Finally out of the chilled air and in the driver’s seat, I slammed the door shut and shoved my key in the ignition.

“Two wild women looking to unleash themselves after a bad day?” The little beep of his car alarm being released sounded through the receiver followed by the slam of the door. “That may be more than I can handle alone.”

Tipping my head against my shoulder to cradle the phone, I turned the key in the ignition, quickly followed by the heater. “Michael Gallo! Afraid you might need reinforcements?”

Music flared in the background as he started his car. “Afraid is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as being prepared for any eventuality.”

“Well, you know how I feel. The more, the merrier. Hot men and alcohol make everything better!” With one last look in my rear view mirror, I shifted into drive, leaving our bad day in the dust.

25 thoughts on “Pre-Valentine’s Day Preparedness

  1. August McLaughlin says:

    You know I’m nabbing your next book! I truly did enjoy the heck out of the first, and so appreciate your support and that beautiful shout out. 🙂 Thanks, beauty—not merely for supporting my efforts as you so wondrously do, but for supporting sex positivity and other hardworking related voices in general. You simply rock!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you, darlin’. I’ve been very blessed with the friendships I’ve made over the last couple of years. You, my friend, ooze with talent and passion in the most beautifully infectious way. Thank you for all you do to promote healthy, happy attitudes. 🙂


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    well from one who feels like part of an old married couple (though I’m not) we aren’t.. anywho, we don’t do Valentines Day, there are very many that don’t celebrate it over here. It’s the old ‘money making’ thinking. Why a special day to profess you love someone – when it should be all the time? But secretly, it would be nice to get a bunch of flowers delivered, we are going out for V D to a concert to hear some very old singers in Oz..well they are now…no actually they are in their 60’s, so THAT’S not old!, So that will be our little treat. I hope you get spoilt though 🙂 xx


  3. bethteliho says:

    Love me some Girl Boner/August!! Big fan. She’s amazing. I can see why you two are friends! I’m loving your links….must go check them out.

    I’m not a V-Day hater. It’s an excuse to schedule date night when we otherwise would go months without one. Plus, I can schedule the maid with no guilt, and a pedicure! Yipppeee! VDay and Mother’s Day ROCK!


  4. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Eh, I am so over this Hallmark holiday. We indulge in our sexy time every week, not just on Feb 14. Still, I better go out and get a card and some flowers so I don’t end up in the dog house.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Yeah. I get that crotchety old man mentality. My stepdad is like that, too. Buys a card or flowers & takes my mom to dinner, then bitches about Hallmark holidays. 😉 As for sexy indulgence, one SHOULD enjoy that as often as possible… I sort of see Valentine’s day as the day you take just a little more care to “set the scene” or maybe indulge one of the more detailed fantasies…or maybe give a bit more on the emotional intimacy side if that’s the part you usually aren’t the best at expressing. Hallmark need not make any money from you if you don’t want them to. Sex shops on the other hand? That’s a different story. 😉 (Only half kidding.) Since hubby usually cooks more often than not, I’ll cook him one of his favorite meals…for starters. 😉


  5. Lana Fox says:

    Dear Kitt, you are so very kind! Thanks a million for spreading the word so kindly about Mermaid Voyage and all those other lovelies. 🙂 It means a great deal. Very much enjoying people’s comments too. Interesting to see that some of you aren’t so bothered by Valentine’s Day. Any day can be lovemaking day, right? 🙂


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